Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Breaking down the stigma of weight training

If time-efficient resistance exercise is good enough for Barbara Walters, it's good enough for you!

Weight training, resistance training, weight lifting, body building — or whatever you want to call it — has unfortunately always had a stigma attached that prevents massive portions of the population from receiving the incredible health benefits associated with it.

The main stereotype that I'm constantly pounding the drum against is that lifting weights is only for "meat heads" or "gym rats." The idea that people who view themselves as intellectuals can look down on an exercise because of what traditionally comes to mind when they think about that exercise is very unfortunate. They are cutting themselves off from a world that can only make them feel better, stronger and more independent, things we all really want in life.

Now all stereotypes come from somewhere, and I can pretty much chalk the "meat head" stereo type up to one simple concept: genetics.

If you enter a typical box gym environment, you are guaranteed to see a few things. You'll see the "muscle-bound meat heads" lifting weights and the skinny cardio bunnies on the treadmills. This phenomenon is no different than seeing fish in the ocean, or birds in the sky. These people are genetically pre-determined at birth to enjoy these activities. A lot of them were given genetic gifts of large muscles, which in turn led them to lifting weights. Thin women with the goal of staying thin are genetically pre-determined to hit the treadmill in fear of bulking up.

Again, this is no different than seeing a worm in dirt. That's where they evolved to be. Exactly how a 6-foot-8 man is probably going to play basketball at some point in his life. It's simply genetics!

The problem is, if you don't have those genetic gifts, it doesn't mean that strength training isn't for you. Being the strongest and most capable version of yourself is your birthright, and silly stereotypes and being self conscience about what kind of people weight lifting belongs to should not keep you from the wellness goldmine that comes from proper strength training.

As the founder of Smart Strength Skyler Tanner often says, "Strength is the currency in which we live our lives, and you don't know how valuable it is until you lose it."

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