Monday, March 12, 2018

Efficient Fitness Ellensburg opening in April 2018

HITMatt is now Efficient Fitness, and we'll be opening Ellensburg's first evidence-based resistance training facility in April 2018.

Located at 506 N. Ruby St. across the street from the Safeway parking lot, Efficient Fitness will offer truly private, one-on-one personal training sessions using the evidence-based exercise protocol, also known as high intensity resistance training.

Time is no longer an issue for those looking to get fit in the Kittitas Valley. In just two, 20 minute-minute exercise sessions a week, Efficient Fitness can help you become the strongest version of yourself, allowing you to spend the rest of your time doing whatever activity you truly love, and doing it well.

The studio will feature medical-grade equipment from Nautilus, the company founded by Arthur Jones, a pioneer in evidence-based exercise. Unlike most exercise equipment, Nautilus is one of the few companies in the world that designs their equipment with the human body in mind, allowing Efficient Fitness to get optimal results in minimal amounts of time.

Besides being the most effective way to train, our evidence-based protocol is also the safest workout on the planet. Slow, controlled movements eliminate dangerous forces like momentum, while at the same time applying a rapid accumulation of fatigue directly to the muscle, forcing it to make an adaptation during the 72-96 hour recovery period between workouts. As Dr. Doug McGuff says, "It's harder than CrossFit, just without the torn rotator cuff."

If you feel like you've tried everything to get in shape but had to drop it either due to lack of time, injury or just plain lack of results, drop us a line at or 425-214-2251 to secure a spot on our waiting list.