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Get the most out of your workouts

Save time

Not everyone has the luxury of hitting the treadmill for an hour a day. In just 20 minutes, twice a week, you will see great results with our approach to strength training.

Backed by biology

Our strength training protocol is based on peer-reviewed scientific research to make sure you get the safest and most effective workout possible.

Truly private

No mirrors, no music, just strength. Each session is a private, one-on-one experience to make sure the trainee is receiving the highest quality dose of exercise.

Book your free appointment today

Efficient Fitness offers an unparalleled strength training experience. Our time-efficient, science-based workouts are personalized to meet your exact needs, helping you to reach your potential. Whether you’re already a bonafide fitness buff or have never touched a weight in your life, this will work for you.

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